what is luxury today

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  • How did luxury come to be luxurious?

  • Luxury goods percolated through the classes, and luxuriousness as we know it today emerged from the austerity of the 1920s, also known as the Roaring Twenties, when the industry benefitted from technologies like assembly lines and mass production.

  • What are the biggest trends in the luxury market?

  • One of the biggest trends in the modern luxury market is the shifting focus towards experiences over material things. By 2022, the Boston Consulting Group predicts that personal and experiential luxury alone will be a 鈧?,135 billion market鈥攁 34% increase from 2015.

  • What do today’s high-earning consumers want from luxury?

  • Instead, there is a shift from the external to an internalization of what is considered to be luxury. Today’s high-earning consumers are looking for experiences that help them learn, differentiate themselves, express who they are, and have a purpose beyond comfort and pampering.

  • Does 鈥榣uxury鈥?have a place in the real estate market?

  • And in real estate, where the right description can draw buyers to a home on the market, using the right terms is crucial. So when half the homes on the market are suddenly marketed as 鈥渓uxury,鈥?the definition of the word starts to melt away.

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