what is the mlb luxury tax for 2019

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  • How much do MLB teams pay in luxury tax?

  • MLB Team Luxury Tax Tracker Rank Team Roster 40-Man Payroll Luxury Tax Payroll 29 Boston Red Sox BOS 40 $127,551,871 $209,126,973 30 Los Angeles Dodgers LAD 41 $151,488,170 $227,383,219 League Average League Average League Average 40 $89,608,193 $148,019,522 24 more rows …

  • What is the luxury tax threshold for MLB 2020?

  • A real-time look at the 2020 tax totals for each MLB team. These figures derive from a player’s tax payroll salary. See also: Cash Payrolls, Luxury Tax Payrolls. The current Luxury Tax Threshold is $208,000,000.

  • How much do the Cubs owe in luxury tax?

  • Last season, only the Red Sox and Nationals owed luxury tax ( full breakdown here ). No other teams would be hit with the extra fees this season, meaning the Cubs, Dodgers, Yankees and other high-profile teams could go $30 million over the threshold and still owe a meager $7.2 million in taxes.

  • Is $206 million too much for a baseball club to overpay taxes?

  • It’s really not. For this season, the threshold is $206 million. Here’s the rule: A club exceeding the Competitive Balance Tax threshold for the first time must pay a 20 percent tax on all overages.

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