what luxury cars last the longest

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Lincoln Town Car

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  • Which cars last the longest?

  • Toyotas and full-size SUVs are the longest-lasting vehicles that are most likely to reach 200,000 miles or more, according to a new study by automotive research firm and car search engine iSeeCars.com.

  • What are the longest-lasting American luxury sedans?

  • The Lincoln Town Car is unquestionably the longest-lasting American luxury sedan. A favorite of livery fleets from coast to coast, the Town Car enjoyed a three-decade-long production run that ended in the 2011 model year.

  • Is the Toyota Avalon the longest last car?

  • 鈥淲hile trucks and truck-based SUVs dominate the list, two Toyota hybrids and the Avalon sedan also make the list, confirming there is a reliable Toyota available for a wide range of consumers.鈥?To earn a spot on the Longest Last Cars list at least 2.5 percent of a vehicle must reach 200,000 miles.

  • How many miles can a car last?

  • Only a few car models can rack up more than 200,000 miles with minimal maintenance and without thorough overhauls. Here is a list of longest lasting cars that may not always end up in the same league of fancy or high-performance vehicles.

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