what mattress do luxury hotels use

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Innerspring mattresses

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  • What kind of mattress do hotels use?

  • Memory foam mattresses are not really popular to be used in the top hotels. This is because these mattresses are softer and not many guests like a soft bed. This is normally the beds that the lower grade hotels are using. Hybrid mattress. This is one of the most expensive mattresses that you can purchase.

  • What kind of mattress does Fairmont Hotels use?

  • Fairmont features its own mattress brand with two choices, The Fairmont Signature, and the Fairmont, each created by Sealy Sterns Foster. The signature model features a Luxury Euro Plush Pillowtop, created with gel-infused memory foam atop an inner-spring base.

  • Can you buy a mattress at shop Marriott?

  • Shop Marriott has pillows, mattresses and other bedding available to purchase, so you can recreate the comfort of a Marriott guest room in your own bedroom. What mattresses does The Westin Hotel use?

  • What makes the Hilton bed mattress so special?

  • Made in partnership with Serta, the brand behind some of the world’s most-loved traditional and modern mattresses in a box, the Hilton Bed mattress is designed to last for years thanks to extra coil support plus an internal design that prevents sagging.

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