what mattress topper do luxury hotels use

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Luxury hotels typically use luxuriouslatex or memory foammattress toppers. While these types of toppers are expensive, they offer incredible support and comfort. They are also ideal for those with back problems or who are looking for extra support while sleeping.

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  • What type of mattresses do hotels use?

  • We’ve asked several of the most popular chains to share the details on the types of hybrid, innerspring and memory foam mattresses and bedding their hotels use, and how you can buy them to replicate a hotel experience at home.

  • What kind of mattress does Fairmont Hotels use?

  • Fairmont features its own mattress brand with two choices, The Fairmont Signature, and the Fairmont, each created by Sealy Sterns Foster. The signature model features a Luxury Euro Plush Pillowtop, created with gel-infused memory foam atop an inner-spring base.

  • Is Premier Inn a good mattress brand?

  • This medium-firm mattress has 1,000 individually-wrapped pocket springs and has a wool-filled topper that contours to the curves of your body, making it a particularly good mattress for side sleepers. The Premier Inn Luxury Pillow contains a microfiber fill that allows it to contour your head as soon as you rest on it.

  • Can you buy a mattress at shop Marriott?

  • Shop Marriott has pillows, mattresses and other bedding available to purchase, so you can recreate the comfort of a Marriott guest room in your own bedroom. What mattresses does The Westin Hotel use?

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