what mattress topper do luxury hotels use

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  • What type of mattress do 5-star luxury hotels use?

  • Some of the most common types of mattresses used by 5-Star luxury hotels are innerspring, memory foam, or hybrid mattresses. There are many other types of mattresses including waterbed, air-mattress, gel-infused, latex, pillow-top, and adjustable bed types. Below you will find a more thorough explanation of each type of mattress used by hotels.

  • Why do hotels use mattress toppers?

  • Mattress toppers are used by five-star hotels to add an extra layer of comfort which also enhances how the mattress performs. Next, hotels use a flat sheet instead of a fitted sheet to perform the 鈥榟ospital corners鈥?technique which creates a crisper and more elegant impression.

  • Do hotels have custom mattresses?

  • Some hotels have custom mattresses, but most don鈥檛 advertise what type of bed or mattress they are using or allow customers to buy them. There are however lots of great alternatives available to buy online which will give you the same level of comfort that you find when you are staying at Holiday Inn, Premier Inn, Crowne Plaza, Radisson etc.

  • What mattress does the Sheraton Hotel use?

  • The Sheraton and Westin hotels have been known to use the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress which is medium firm. The 鈥淢arriot Bed鈥?is consistently rated as one of the most comfortable hotel mattresses and arguably one of the most popular mattresses in the world.

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