where do expensive luxury cats come from

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  • What is the most expensive cat in the world?

  • 10+ Of The World’s Most Expensive Luxury Cats 1 Himalayan cat. 2 Ashera. 3 Egyptian Mau. 4 Peterbald. 5 Bengal cat. 6 Norwegian Forest cat. 7 Maine Coon. 8 Khao Manee. 9 American Curl. 10 Elf cat. More items…

  • Why are cats so expensive?

  • The two factors that have the most significant impact on a cat鈥檚 cost are its breed status and popularity. Purebred felines (especially those from long lines of show-winners) are pricier. Other factors include how difficult the breeding process is and the individual cat鈥檚 coloration.

  • What is the oldest breed of cat in the world?

  • Persian Cat This breed with its long flowing hair along with sweet personality ranks number one in breed popularity. It is one of the oldest cat breeds, dating back to the 1600s. Persian cat is as expensive as it looks like.

  • Are Scottish Folds the most expensive cat breeds in 2021?

  • The popularity of Scottish Fold makes it one of the most expensive and luxury cat breeds in the world in 2021. Scottish Fold cats have become quite famous on the internet. Celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are sharing photos of their furry bundles online.

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