where do expensive luxury cats come from

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  • What are the most expensive cat breeds?

  • Next on our list of expensive cat breeds is the Egyptian Mau. It is a small to medium sized cat that is known for its natural spots. Another breed that has this characteristic is the Bahraini Dilmun Cat. What makes the Egyptian Mau鈥檚 spots unique is the fact that it only appears on the tip of the coat. The Egyptian Mau was originated in 1952.

  • Why are some cats so expensive?

  • There specific factors that make some cats high in their prices to be ranked among the most expensive cats in the world. They may have unique features that cannot be found in other traditional cats, may be original breeds or sought after by celebrities and are very popular among people.

  • Is owning a cat alone expensive?

  • Cats are among the most popular pets in the world. In USA only they are topping the list of total number of owned animals and are close second in the list of the number of owner households. Owning a cat alone can be expensive. You have to get them all the necessary supplies from a litter box to a cat raincoat.

  • How much does an American bred cat cost?

  • This particular breed is prone to both kidney and heart diseases. The cost of this breed is around $600. But of course, it can also be more expensive depending on the quality and appearance of the cat that you plan to purchase.

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