which is more luxury mercedes or bmw

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In 2018 it wasMercedesthat sold the most luxury vehicles in the United States. But it was close. Mercedes sold 315,959 vehicles last year, which was only about 4,000 cars and SUVs ahead of BMW, which finished in second place.

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  • Is BMW better than Mercedes Benz?

  • As such, BMW and Mercedes are somewhat comparable to each other, but in general, neither brand ranks favorably compared to other car manufacturers. What is the most unreliable car brand?

  • Are BMW and Mercedes-Benz the same company?

  • Thankfully, both BMW and Mercedes have a vast lineup with cars in many segments. BMW creates the 3-Series, 5-Series and 7-Series as part of the car lineup. There are also unique options, such as the M, I, X and Z4 models.

  • Why is car insurance more expensive for BMW than Mercedes?

  • BMW parts are more expensive than Mercedes and hence if you had to replace any parts a BMW would cost more. When it is expensive to find a part and replace then that car would have a higher cost of car insurance too. So, if you are lucky to own an expensive new BMW model and a used older Mercedes then the premiums for BMW could be higher.

  • Are Mercedes-Benz and BMW reliable luxury cars?

  • Back in the olden days, both Mercedes-Benz and BMW was known as the paragons for well-built, reliable luxury cars. In fact, there are proven cases for both marques.

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