which is more luxury mercedes or bmw

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  • Are BMW and Mercedes luxury cars?

  • BMW and Mercedes are two brands that will be named in any discussion of luxury vehicles. The German automakers are already two of the best-selling brands in the sector of high-priced automobiles.

  • Is a Mercedes more expensive than a BMW?

  • This is a difficult question to answer, as it heavily depends upon the variant and specs you chose for the car. On average though, Mercedes-Benz models typically come out to be more expensive if comparably specced. Is Mercedes-Benz the same as BMW?

  • What is the best Mercedes-Benz to buy?

  • The best of all is the 5 Series executive cars. Mercedes does not have many cars to compete with BMW鈥檚 impressive fleet of high-performing machines. But you can still go for the S-Class, CLS, and SL cars if you want to drive a high-performance Mercedes. BMW models are usually lighter than a normal Mercedes-Benz car.

  • Are BMW and Mercedes-Benz the same company?

  • BMW and Mercedes-Benz are two of the top European sports and luxury auto manufacturers. They have a wide range of vehicles on the market, from powerful sports cars to subcompact SUVs.

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