which luxury suv hold their value

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  • Which SUVs hold their value the best?

  • Several Toyota vehicles will be among any list of SUVs that hold their value. So it鈥檚 not surprising that if you move up to luxury vehicles, you鈥檒l find similar results from Toyota鈥檚 premium division. That鈥檚 Lexus, whose NX 300 compact crossover is projected to depreciate more slowly than its competitors.

  • What is a luxury SUV?

  • In the luxury SUV class, you can get high-end premium content inside and out, from climate-controlled seating to LED headlights. Many also showcase the kind of performance that puts the 鈥渟port鈥?into sport-utility vehicle.

  • What’s the best car to buy for resale?

  • The worst vehicles to buy with resale in mind is a luxury or electric car, while the best are trucks, sports cars, crossovers and SUVs. That doesn’t mean any truck, sports car, crossover or SUV is going to hold its value better than the industry average of 49.6 percent depreciation over five years.

  • What is the best large SUV in 2021?

  • Lincoln Navigator L: Best large luxury SUV To unseat last year鈥檚 best large luxury SUV, the 2020 Mercedes Maybach GLS, comes the 2021 Lincoln Navigator L 鈥?an SUV that seeks to set the standard of luxury for the American brand. Three full rows of seating can be found in the Navigator, which comes in both a standard and a long-wheelbase body style.

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