which luxury suv holds its value best

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Lincoln Nautilus 2022:

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  • Which luxury SUVs have the best resale value?

  • As you might expect, Lexus makes several of the luxury SUVs with the best resale value. At the compact end of the size spectrum, the 2018 Lexus NX gets a further value boost this year from new content and refreshed styling.

  • What is the best SUV to buy for a large family?

  • Best large luxury SUV: Mercedes-Benz GLS The Mercedes-Benz GLS is the best high-end SUVs for large families to travel in absolute luxury. It has proper 3 rows seats, where adults can sit in the back. The BMW X7 is another serious contender, although less comfortable for the passengers.

  • What is the best large SUV in 2021?

  • Lincoln Navigator L: Best large luxury SUV To unseat last year鈥檚 best large luxury SUV, the 2020 Mercedes Maybach GLS, comes the 2021 Lincoln Navigator L 鈥?an SUV that seeks to set the standard of luxury for the American brand. Three full rows of seating can be found in the Navigator, which comes in both a standard and a long-wheelbase body style.

  • What is the best luxury SUV of 2019?

  • The new Mercedes-Benz GLE updated for 2020 is the best all-around luxury SUV of 2019. Its build quality is exceptional. It comes with the most advanced onboard technology (the MBUX infotainment system). And its overall look and design are superb. All that for a retail price that鈥檚 a great value.

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